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I have been into woodworking since I was a young kid helping Grandpa with his projects that were always pretty extreme. I had wood shop every year of high school and I have my projects that I am still using to this day! Designing interior cabinets and range hoods is another service that I offer. Some of our past clients have issues finding  a chair style in the size they need to fit an existing table or want a design of a classic table without paying $12,000.00 for a hutch or desk that maybe in the Stickley or Green & Green styles. What ever you have in mind or need help, I can create a design to meet all of your expectations.

3-D Cabinets & Range Hoods

2011 Kitchen - print standard line 1 2011 Kitchen - watercolor 1 2011 Kitchen - watercolor 2 2011 Kitchen - watercolor 3 2011 Kitchen - watercolor 4 2011 Kitchen - watercolor 5

ARA3330 Curved Range Hood - 1 WRA6660

3-D Furniture Models

2011 Office - 1 detailed 2011 Office - 2 detailed desk only

This is a great setup for the couple that likes to work across from each other for home office work together.

Iwanski - Dining Chair and Hall Bench - View1 Iwanski - Dining Chair and Hall Bench - View2 Iwanski - Dining Chair and Hall Bench - View3

This is a set of Limburt inspired dining chairs and hall bench with leather cushion to match the leather on the chairs.

Not all of the furniture that I design is a chair for a table! Here is a Spa chair  with the use of the existing chairs and bowl, then designing the new base design with removing all of the old unwanted whirlpool jets and plumbing.

3-19-2014 Pedicure Chair Square Bowl- Woodhouse Spa - RENDERING 1




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