Brighter Days – Usonian Ranch

This is a Usonian home that I designing a couple of years ago and have developed into a fantastic home!

20121101 Brighter days 3-D 11x17 View-1  Brighter days south west elevation plan 3-D 1-14-2011 20121101 Brighter days 3-D 11x17 View-320121101 Brighter days 3-D 11x17 View-4Brighter days west elevation plan 10-24-2010Brighter days north elevation plan 10-24-2010 Brighter days main floor plan 10-24-2010 Brighter days lower floor plan 10-24-2010

I have studied Frank Lloyd Wright’s works for the past 20 years and have started to develop my own line of Usonian homes all with today’s technology but with all of the style of the past. I feel that these types of homes are times and can be updated for today’s lifestyle and into the far future.

I first start with Frank’s original intent to designs cost effective homes with open concept floor plans that will be flexible for family and entertaining. This is where I excel to improve what I have found wrong in a Wright design. Most of the homes that Frank designed was for a different time and it was not the family in the kitchen and none of the homes that he designed have open kitchens. This was the staff area and was not seen by the guest. Today we design homes with the kitchen open to the entertainment spaces and the home owners are doing the cooking.

If you like what you see here, I have even more great ideas upon request.


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